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Peace Palace Taipei

Peace Palace Taipei
November 1, 2016 Istvan Baba

Peace Palace

Tondelli Showroom in Taipei

The project divides the space in two different areas, the reception area and a convivial zone.

The reception is dominated by a monumental image that leaves a strong emotional impact on the visitor. This vertical development is enhanced by six, 40-foot-tall trefoil columns in white statuary marble, huge doors with visible hinges decorated with a geometrical motif and a light installation with 114 curved elements, LED lights and decorative elements in Murano glass.

The social area has a relaxing feel, with spaces equipped to receive and relax the property owners and their guests. The space is divided into three zones thanks to sliding doors: a social zone with a piano and a bar, a reading area and a living room.

The supporting structure of the building has been left exposed, lending this property a decorative and distinctive feel.

Design: Lorenzo Tondelli Studio (Carpi, Italy)