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Knightsbridge Residence



Project details

Knightsbridge Residence

Luxeform worked with TF Associates to provide furniture and flooring for a family residence situated in a Knightsbridge crescent terrace.  Luxeform supplied sofas, armchairs and a custom-made storage chest from Lorenzo Tondelli. The basement changing room was fitted with a custom made wild silk carpet from the Fergana Valley and the bedrooms with antique Beni Ouarain and custom 100% wool rugs.

The house has been completely rebuilt internally, and involves facade retention and two new sub-basements which culminate into eight storeys. Careful consideration has been given to elements such as the specialist joinery, metal work, floor finishes and stonework, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the building structure and the interior design.  This distinctive design also features a glazed circular lift and curved stone staircase, ascending towards an opulent roof garden terrace, wine cellar, gym and sauna.


Designer: TF Associates