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Gold Chest

Gold Chest


A chest of drawers with 24k gold shell and mohair velvet lining.

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Chest of six drawers with mohair velvet lining.
Dimensions: 120 x 42 cm, height: 70 cm

External shell options:
-24 kt polished yellow gold
-24 kt fine brushed yellow gold
-24 kt polished pink gold
-24 kt fine brushed pink gold
-bronzed steel

The wooden structure lacquer can be chosen after order:
Lacquer colours: corallo, porpora, nero oceano, conchiglia, verdemare
Lacquer finishes: opaco (matt), lucido (gloss), poliestere (polyester)

Gold is Spotti’s first complete collection. A tailored collection, that overcomes the limits of industrial production. It represents the idea and the challenge of starting from the top.

Born from the desire to introduce the excellence of the best Italian craftsmen to the world and unite it with sophisticated production technologies, it brings back the allure of bourgeois furnishings created by the masters of the Milanese school, using materials of the highest quality and timeless shapes. Gold is a unique and iconic collection, that synthesises the very best of Italian excellence in the field of design.

Spotti Gold Collection: Designed by Paolo Rizzo for Spotti Edizioni. Gold, mohair velvet by Kvadrat/Raf Simons and polyester laquer are just some of the luxurious finishes that make this collection unique and exclusive.

Structure finish

Bronzed steel, 24k fine brushed pink gold, 24k fine brushed yellow gold, 24k polished pink gold, 24k polished yellow gold


120 x 42 cm