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Mia Drink Table
Douglas Jennings Mia Side Table

Mia Drink Table


Columnal side table made of hand hammered antique nickel.

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Mia Drink Table

Column shaped side table.

Diameter: 20 cm, height: 61 cm.
Finish: antique nickel.

Custom options available.

Douglas Jennings

Douglas Jennings is a furniture designer based in Los Angeles.  Born in the U.K. and raised in Los Angeles, he had the benefit of being exposed to fine furniture from a very young age.  In college, his passion for design lead him to study Architecture and product design.  After graduating, his Father, a furniture designer and Antiques expert became his mentor and inspiration.

Despite his love for architecture, he found freedom in furniture design, realizing that every day presents a new challenge, both creatively and physically.  Traditionally trained, Douglas believes that drawing is the heart of design and every great design should start with a pencil and paper.  His collection ranges from traditionally inspired silhouettes to clean-line modern pieces, all with the same thought in mind; “Details should be discovered, not overstated”.

Structure finish

Antique nickel


20 cm round