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10 Best Mirrors

View our top 10 beautifully crafted mirrors.

1. Avery Mirror


The stunning Avery mirror has a beautifully unique shape and is a work of art in itself. Made from antique nickel and walnut.



2. Asilomar Mirror


The Asilomar Mirror is a sight to behold with its hand brazed and lacquered black iron frame. Custom sizes available.



3. Annadel Mirror


The Annadel Mirror is a beautifully crafted piece that delights the eye with its deeply hand-faceted texture.



4. Melrose Mirror


The Melrose Mirror is an architectural bronze mirror with captivating detail.Available in Light, Medium or Dark, Clear lacquer top coat. Custom sizes are available



5. Potrero Mirror


The Potrero Mirror is the perfect addition to any space. It’s made from high-quality, handcrafted materials and features an intricately carved finish.



6. Strata Mirror


The Strata mirror is an artistic work of art that will add depth and intrigue to any room.



7. Denali Mirror


The Denali Mirror is a luxurious architectural bronze frame with inlays of the finest quality water buffalo horn.



8. Arc Mirror


The Arc Mirror has a medium oxidized curved frame accented by polished brass trim and a bevelled edge mirror.



9. Jenner Mirror


The alluring Jenner Mirror is hand-crafted out of real driftwood. Light or dark silver finishes and clear lacquer top coat options available.



10. Bijou Mirror


The stunning Bijou Mirror is simple yet beautifully constructed, with a modern bronze frame.