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Product Customisation

& Design

Customisation as standard

With the goal of ultimate luxury in mind, furniture is often handmade with custom levels of size and finishes simply not possible in standard form.

Collaborative design & iteration

Bringing a client’s creative work to life gives satisfaction and purpose. A process that encourages collaboration to make ideas work, which are functional as much as aesthetic. The iterative process is both absorbing and hugely satisfying, working alongside designers to solve challenging scenarios.

One of a kind pieces

Furniture can be designed and adapted to suit specific requirements. Signature pieces evolve into new and innovative configurations to suit every style, taste and need.

Artisanal luxury furniture

Luxeform delivers high-end exquisite pieces masterfully handmade to your specification by experts from America and Europe. Exclusive world-class interior design ensures the pieces are of the very highest quality and standard.

Finished pieces are delivered and presented with the same attention to detail that has characterised its making.

Any material & finish

Fabrics & Leathers

Here at Luxeform, our multitude of fabrics and leathers can be somewhat overwhelming - the choice seemingly endless. To this end, we love nothing more than to help our clients make the right choices for their interiors - from an initial consultation, we take pride in understanding our clients needs from fabric choice right through to upholstery.

Woods & Metals

Developing clients' new inspired concepts is our passion, whether it be wood, metal or a combination of both. Blending furniture design with aesthetic creativity and dedicated craftsmen who’ll ensure an impeccable design process and seamless installation.