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Brand Story ‘Bright Chair’

Fine, Honest Craftsmanship.

Bright Chair was founded over 8 decades ago in Middle Town New York, understanding the importance of traditional workmanship with modern tastes. They are one of the few remaining family owned businesses in all of America. Dedicated artisans can come and hone a time honored tradition without hindrance.

Bright Chair gained the reputation it has today by catering each piece to the individual and their needs, all products are designed and produced in our all in one factory, from the raw lumber that comes in to the final product, it’s all done here within the Bright Chair factory. With the experience and knowledge we have, we are very proud to present classic and contemporary designs for all to enjoy.

Design Ethos

In all of their manufacturing, Bright Chair respects the environment. Offering a wide range of native Northeastern hardwoods for use in all products. Understanding the balance of supply afforded by select harvesting and have been using only Forrest Stewardship Council Certified domestic sources for decades. They also use only water-based adhesives and catalytic finishes with low VOC content in the finishing process.

Keynote Pieces



This beautiful piece of work holds true to a classic looking armchair that will remain timeless, with three styles of finish with multiple colour variations to suit any style of home.

This chair will be a welcome addition to any household regardless if the home is more modern or contemporary in style.


The Reed Armchair is a luxurious addition to any home that will add both style and class.

It features genuine leather upholstery, solid wood legs, and an elegant design that’s sure to impress.

All of these features work together in perfect harmony for an aesthetic experience like no other.


The Elana Daybed is the perfect way to add comfort and style in your living room.

With its elegant design, this piece can fit into any home decor or bedroom seamlessly while also providing you with comfort and relaxation when needed.

*Upholstery available in COM (client’s own material) or COL (client’s own leather) or please enquire for our standard fabrics and leathers.


This sectional sofa is the pinnacle of comfort.

The Miss Lee Sectional Sofa, a stunning piece from the bright collection.


The Cahn Arm Chair – the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

The fully upholstered arm chair features a solid wood base and legs, making it a great choice for any space.

Available as a Cocktail Lounge Chair as well.

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Our company is focused on delivering an exceptional service that will help coordinate your needs. We are passionate about designing custom products, providing a cohesive global consultancy as well as procuring the best supplies available worldwide so your clients can enjoy them whilst travelling or at home.

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