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Brand Story ‘Evan Lewis’

Sculptor. Sailor. Seeker of truth and beauty

Evan and Sandra Lewis opened their furniture showroom on the North side of Chicago in 2005 because they wanted to properly showcase high-end, luxurious items.

Lewis’s work from the beginning of his career as a furniture creator has garnered attention of high-profile taste makers like late interior designer Richard Himmel and Holly Hunt who represented Evan Lewis in their namesake showrooms at Merchandise Mart.

All this experience and exposure has solidified the Lewis’s’ interest in having full control over not only how their work is made but also its presentation to an audience. They opened up a stunning showcase for original, hand-made functional art with the option of visiting an adjacent studio where all objects are painstakingly crafted by hand.

Design Ethos

“The sculptures I make are kinetic and powered by wind. Because the power source is unpredictable natural phenomenon the resulting action of the pieces is random. This is what gives these works their greatest quality: dynamic motion that changes all the time and follows no set pattern.

My work as a furniture designer and builder of kinetic sculpture provides vast experience in adapting classical motifs to contemporary design and the practical knowledge of enduring exterior kinetic systems. Depending on the parameters of the site, a kinetic wind sculpture can be designed to reflect and enhance architectural motifs, historical reference and specific wind conditions. The resulting compositions are dynamic with ever changing shape, life-like with fluid and graceful motion and create a contemplative and serene experience for the viewer.” – Evan Lewis

Keynote Pieces



The Kova Coffee Table is perfect for the modern home. The beautiful hand-forged steel base of The Kova Coffee Table is finished in bronzy patina with silvery highlights, and it’s available in custom sizes and other finishes.

The top is also available in cast glass, Starfire glass, regular clear glass and stone, so you can find the perfect look for your space.


The stunning Renzo Elliptical coffee table. The sturdy steel base is finished in a bronzy patina with silvery highlights, and the top is available in a variety of finishes to perfectly match your decor.

The sleek, modern design is sure to get attention in any room.


The Alexander Coffee Table is a work of art and furniture in one. The sculptural, asymmetrical design is hand-formed from sheet steel and hammered into shape, resulting in an organic surface quality.

The table base is finished with a luxurious “Brassy” patina on steel and a pristine Starfire Glass top.


The Montecito Occasional Table is the perfect addition to any luxury home. Its hand-forged steel finish with bronzy patina and brown highlights gives it a rustic yet elegant look that will be sure to impress your guests.

It’s available in custom sizes, so you can make it fit perfectly into your space.


The cold-rolled burnished steel base side table is the perfect piece for any room with it’s modern design. (Available in patinated finish: dark, bronzy color).

Also available with an ultra clear Starfire glass top.


This beautifully crafted piece was hand-forged with a stunning steel finish and bronzy patina.

This luxurious table would be the centre piece in any living area.


Cold-rolled steel bars are skilfully composed and precisely joined to form this modern occasional table.

The ½” thick Starfire glass top appears to be floating in air. Finished with a lush bronzy patina steel base.


Cold-rolled steel bars are skilfully composed and precisely joined to form this modern coffee table.

The ¾” thick Starfire glass top appears to be floating in air. The steel base is finished with a lush bronzy patina.

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