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Britton Lounge Chair

Designed by Bridgette Buckley

The origin of the wing-back chair dates to England in the 1600s, when they were first designed to shield the sitter from drafts, and to gather the heat from a fireplace. The Britton Lounge Chair and Footstool are meant to similarly offer a warm embrace, a place of respite and comfort. Its soft silhouette and handsome detailing bring a sense of calm and create a distinguished look in a room. Just right for good conversation, a good book, or a good view it can be used alone or paired around a fireplace or coffee table.

Product Dimensions:
  • Width 69.215cm
  • Depth 81.915cm
  • Overall height 108.585cm
  • Seat height 45.72cm
  • Arm height 60.96cm
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