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There are multiple steps in the Troscan journey from conception to fabrication, the essence of the approach is to embrace the fundamental characteristics of metal, wood, stone and allow those essential properties to remain central to the function, comfort, and purpose of the final design.

Husband and wife, Deirdre Jordan and Bob Robinson founded Troscan in 1999 in Chicago, USA. Deirdre holds a Masters of Fine Art in interior architecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Bob trained in furniture design at the Rochester Institute of Technology and holds BFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Design Ethos

Committed to unadorned simplicity, Troscan strives to produce furnishings that are authentically original sound and pleasing to the eye and body, pieces that are not every day, yet that make sense every day. Combining industrial methods and hand craftsmanship, the manufacturing process is keyed to respecting the inherent essential qualities of the chosen material to achieve a purposeful and beautiful relationship between how a piece is made and how it looks.


Keynote Pieces




When you’re looking to add a formal, yet graceful look and feel to your home or office space, the Tess Media Cabinet by Deirdre Jordan is just what you need. This beautiful piece features an exquisite design with rich materials that are sure to make it stand out from any other furnishings available today.

 The natural limestone stone top on Deirdre Jordan’s collection will add elegance to any room, while the solid cast bronze legs provide practicality for added stability when placed upon a concrete floor or carpeting surfaces.

The subtle yet confident style of the Mari Sofa is perfect for any modern home. The sofa offers ultimate comfort, making it a must have addition to both residential homes or commercial spaces.


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Our company is focused on delivering an exceptional service that will help coordinate your needs. We are passionate about designing custom products, providing a cohesive global consultancy as well as procuring the best supplies available worldwide so your clients can enjoy them whilst travelling or at home.

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