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Brand Story ‘Tuell & Reynolds’

Stunning metal art, handcrafted in California.

In 2003 Tuell + Reynolds introduced their own hand-crafted collection of lighting, furniture, fire screens and sculptural objects. Their company embraces both time honored and disappearing hand techniques while still using modern technology.

Design Ethos

Working with natural materials like wood, iron and stone has always been at the core of Tuell + Reynolds.

The inspiration behind the geometric designs of these products comes from nature. They are one-of-a-kind sculptures made out of bronze and iron, which highlight gifts of nature like petrified wood and fossils.

Keynote Pieces

Strata Table Lamps


The Strata table lamps are like city buildings with lit windows at night. The effect is reminiscent of a jagged hand-cut bronze and decorated by occasional open spaces that allow light from within to glow through, giving off an elegant look different from the other generic lighting found in most homes today.

Shasta Side Table


The Shasta side table is a modern take on the traditional. The cantilevered shelves and hand carved faux bois texture will surprise you with its unexpected forms, while still appearing effortlessly stylish in your family room.

Strata Mirror


The Strata mirror is a handmade piece that reminds us of geological layers in the cliff side.

It has hand cut iron and bronze with an intricate design to make it stand out as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for any room.

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